GE Frame 5 "Nancy" Available!

Complete Generator Stator Core Assembly For Sale


In July 2017, AGTServices purchased a GE frame 5 generator with the intent of starting an exchange program. As part of the program, AGTServices would perform a complete stator rewind, using a state of the art class F insulation system, in order to sell it as a newly refurbished generator stator.

AGTServices also has the generator field available for this unit!!!

GE 5N Frame 5 Generator For Sale
Original OEM Nameplate/Machine Rating

Stator Rewind Performed


  • Stator Bars
  • Insulation System Class F
  • Slot Support System – RTD’s, Fillers, Side Ripple Springs
  • Wedge System – Low shrink Black Canvas (LSBC) tapered wedges, top ripple springs, and locking end wedges
  • Braze and insulate all series and phase connections
  • Install nose ring on each end
  • Install blocking between series caps
  • Run new RTD wire to the terminal board/junction box
  • Paint Stator winding and core
  • Reconnect and insulate leads, as required


  • Stator Core – Clean thoroughly cleaning of the core iron, ventilation ducts and passageways of stator frame was performed & Prep and Paint Core and End Winding compartments
  • Stator Frame – Clean, prep, and paint the exterior surfaces of the generator and prep generator for long term storage and shipment


  • Connection Rings


  • Perform initial Elcid test to verify integrity of the core laminations
  • Electrical test, and inspect the phase connection cables for re-use
  • A core tightness check (knife check) of stator core
  • Performed Elcid and Core Ring Test
  • Conduct in-process and final testing: DC Electrical tests, including: Insulation Resistance/PI, DC Leakage, and Hipot, Elcid Test, Winding Resistance
  • Perform end winding resonant frequency response test (bump test)

GE Frame 5 Generator For Sale