TLRI Generator Endwinding / Series Connection Failures

Test Your TLRI/THRI Stator Endwindings NOW!

AGTServices experience in testing, inspecting and repairing TLRI (and THRI) generators, has shown that as the fleet ages, and cycling duty requirements increases, these units are more likely to suffer worsening problems. Poor braze quality, coupled with endwinding vibration can lead to in service failures. While the OEM may recommend rewinding the stator, AGTServices can, generally, repair if the damage is out in the endarm. Better yet, let AGTServices test your unit and its endwinding stability and series connection braze integrity to prevent this from happening to you! We can also inspect for and repair your TLRI/THRI field’s crossover and corner braze problems!!

VPI Stator Failed Endwinding

AGTServices TLRI Endwinding Stability and Series Connection Braze Integrity:

  • It is recommended that these outages be preempted by an online EMI survey
  • Full access to exciter end endwindings is required (field may remain in place)
  • Routine TLRI stator and field visual and borescope inspections performed, followed by standard maintenance electrical testing
  • Endwinding bump test with modal analysis to evaluate overall EW’s stability condition
  • Mechanically excite 100% of series connections while performing winding resistance testing
  • Apply current through stator winding and view series connections with thermovision camera
  • Detected high resistance or loose connections can be repaired IN PLACE! Rewinds can generally be avoided if this issue is detected in advance
  • Global issues may warrant a full stator rewind
  • In service failure may cause collateral damage (field windings, etc.), so get yours evaluated at your next scheduled outage!