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HVB, Rectifier Banks, Stand Off Insulators

AGT Services has been manufacturing high voltage bushings for over 10 years. Our ability to replace porcelain insulators distinguishes us from the competition. Learn more

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High Voltage Bushings

AGTServices has the capability to manufacture new replacement high voltage bushings. We have the capability of manufacturing bushings of models 2", 4", and 6" single and double tang, as well as gas cooled bushings for hydrogen cooled GE generators.

AGTServices' ability to replace porcelain insulators particularly distinguishes AGTServices from its competition.

See our high voltage bushing page for a full description of capabilities and experience.


Rectifier Banks Refurbished ALTERREXView Pictures

Refurbished ALTERREX Rectifier Banks

Rectifier Banks:

1200 amp, 12 diodes, 3 phase
All Teflon tubes replaced
Brazed connections removed and upgraded to Swagelok fittings
Fuses tested to ensure suitability for service
Pressure tested to 100psi to ensure leak free system
Swap out program in place just inquire
AGTServices has capability to install


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Stand Off Insulators

Stand Off Insulators:

SOI's for GE hydrogen cooled generators
Large & Small sizes in available in stock
Strictly porcelain insulators
AGTServices has the capability to install
1 year warranty on workmanship