Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar - January 7-11, 2019. Tampa, FL (hotel TBD)

AGTServices and HPC Technical Services would like to invite you to our annual Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar, 8-12Jan18.  This 4.5 day seminar is dedicated to the technical, hands-on training of generator design, construction and maintenance. 2.1 CEU's are earned upon completion of this seminar. 

Main Topics Include:

  • Generator Stator and Field Design/Construction
  • Generator Operation
  • Standard Generator Testing and Inspection
  • Common Generator Repairs or Upgrades
  • Major Generator Repairs and Upgrades
  • Generator Failure Root Causes
  • Generator Outage Planning and Logistics

For additional registration and detailed agenda information, refer to the HPC Technical Services website.  Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar

Guest Trainers From the Following Industry Service Providers -

GeneratorTech - Flux Probe Analysis

Environment One Corporation - Generator Hydrogen Monitoring Systems and Hydrogen Safety

Kestrel Power Engineering - Generator Regulatory Testing and Compliance

National Electric Coil - Generator Stator Winding Design and Production

The Gund Company - Generator Stator and Field Insulating Materials

Turbine Diagnostic Services - Rotor Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting