Generator Service: Generator Services by AGTServices

Our Expertise

  • Stator and Field Electrical Testing/Troubleshooting
  • Robotic Generator Inspections
  • Field Rewinds - Full/Partial
  • Stator Rewinds - Full/Partial
  • Liquid Cooled Stator Rewinds
  • Stator Core Repairs / Restacks
  • High Voltage Bushing -HVB Replacement / Refurbishment
  • High Voltage Bushing Manufacturing
  • Stand-off insulator Replacement
  • Rotor Dovetail Cracking Preventative Maintenance (as outlined in GE TIL1292)
  • Hydraulic Integrity testing (as outlined in GE TIL1098)
  • GE Liquid-cooled Stator Repairs
  • Second Opinion / Failure Analysis
    • Stator Core Failures

    • Stator Winding Failures

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Component Upgrades

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